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Product description;

This Toyota hail protection cover is called the Hailsuit, it is the 1st self-inflatable hail cover in the world and is suitable for your car. The car protective cover even stops hail as big as tennis balls, perfect product to prevent hail damage. In addition, the cover is still easy to transport. It is also always certain that you will not get a chance of a rising insurance premium due to hail coverage.

The following problems will be prevented with your hail-resistant car cover Hailsuit;

  • Hail damage
  • Increase in insurance premium

Why the hail-resistant car cover Hailsuit?

  • Best protection
  • Easy to use
  • Easy Fast
  • Small package
  • Unique in the market
  • Reusable
  • No increase in insurance premium
  • No unexpectedly high costs
  • Easy to transport

The hail-resistant car cover inflates itself automatically and can be automatically pumped out again after the storm. If the Hailsuit has been made dry afterwards, the car cover can be stored in the supplied seal bag. The Hailsuit is an emergency product that you must always have in your car safely.

Brand & Type: Hailsuit

Color: silver gray

Target group: Adults Dimensions:

Material: extra strong PVC

Package Content:

  • Hailsuit
  • 2 Repair patches,
  • 4 wheel straps
  • 4 bumper straps

Other information:
The hail protection car cover is the 1st self-inflatable protection cover for your car. When using the car cover, you must first remove your antenna from the car (pay extra attention to other sharp objects on or on your car).

You must use the car cover there as follows:

Place the Hailsuit on the car, unfold it. Then connect the pump to the 12V outlet in your car. Have the automatic pump inflate the Hailsuit. The car cover must first be fully inflated. You can then attach the 4 wheel straps and 4 bumper straps for extra safety. Please note, do not pull the straps too hard, this can cause cracks in the car cover. The dimensions of your car can be smaller than the Hailsuit, this only provides extra protection for your car.

The hail-resistant car cover Hailsuit® is inflated to its full thickness of 25 cm within 3-7 minutes, using the built-in 12V pump. The duration of the inflation depends on the model. The pump has 3 functions; Inflate, Deflate, and OFF, make sure when inflating that all air valves (4 pieces) on the cover are properly closed!

When the car cover is fully inflated, it will maintain its perfect pressure for an average of 4-8 hours, after this period the Hailsuit® can give more pressure if necessary by switching on the pump for a few seconds. When your hail-resistant car cover has done its job, you can open the air valves (4 pieces) and run the pump on ‘Deflate’. Your hail-resistant car cover Hailsuit® can be used several times, after which it is stored neatly and safely.

Hailsuit® is easy to apply to your vehicle within minutes. Hailsuit® has 4 security straps that you attach to your rims / wheels on the left and right, and 4 security straps that you attach to the rear and front of your bumper by means of plastic hooks. We recommend that you attach the security straps before you turn on the pump, so that you give the cover the chance to completely form around your vehicle. This way of attaching you can be sure that your hail resistant car cover Hailsuit® stays securely in place, even in the most extreme weather conditions.


AURIS 2006 – 2019, AVALON 2005 – 2019, AVENSIS 2003 – 2019, AYGO 2005 – 2019, CAMRY 2001 – 2014, CELICA 1999 – 2006, C-HR 2016 – 2019, COROLLA 1992 – 2019, FJ CRUISER 2005 – 2019, FORTUNER 2004 – 2019, GT 86 2012 – 2019, HIGHLANDER 2000 – 2014, HILUX VI 1994 – 2019, IQ 2008 – 2015, LAND CRUISER 1998 – 2019, MATRIX 2008 – 2014, MR 1999 – 2007, PREVIA 2000 – 2019, PRIUS 2008 – 2019, RAV 4 2000 – 2019, SIENNA 2003 – 2019, SUPRA 1993 – 2002, TACOMA 2004 – 2015, URBAN CRUISER 2007 – 2016, VENZA 2008 – 2016, VERSO 2009 – 2019, WILL CYPHA 2001 – 2005, YARIS 1999 – 2019


Hatchback, Station Wagon, Sedan, SUV, Verso, Coupe, Pick-up


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