Hailsuit®, the Hail Protection That Keeps Your Vehicle Damage-Free.               

Hail damage is a nightmare for every car owner. Hailstorms can consist of small hailstones that only cause dents on your car or large hailstones that can cause damage to windows in addition to dent damage and paint damage. If that is not frustrating enough, you will also be confronted with a substantial – and proven – loss of value of your car of at least 20% and an increasing insurance premium. You do not want to take that risk. Buy your Hailsuit® now and avoid hail damage.

HailSuit - voorkom hagelschade

Prevents Hail Damage on Your Car, With Our Hailsuit® Car Cover        

The current climate changes are increasing the chances of extreme hail storms occurring more often. That means more chance of damage to your car and more loss of value. So be wise now and buy the best hail-resistant car cover that exists, the Hailsuit®

(Last year from 2019 to 2020, the number of hail storms increased by 39.5%. Buy your Hailsuit® now, before it is too late).

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How did Hailsuit® Come About?

The Hailsuit® hail-resistant car cover was conceived by father and son during a vacation on Lake Garda after having experienced a heavy hailstorm. Their car suffered a lot of damage. Both hail dents on the roof and on the hood were the result. In the beginning, they thought they could use hail coverage through their insurance. The car could be covered by the insurance, but this would reduce the value of the car by 20% in view of the damage caused by the hail pits and hail damage on the hood. The son was covered by third-party insurance, but that does not offer compensation for hail damage. At that point, father and son came up with the idea to invent a solution for this problem. Develop a hail-resistant blanket that could prevent any kind of hail damage. Even though hail-resistant car covers exist on the market, they are never well protected against heavy hailstorms.

What is Hailsuit®?

Hailsuit® is a  hail-resistant car cover  , a cover that prevents damage on your vehicle during a severe hailstorm. The Hailsuit® is placed over the vehicle, after which it is inflated with air by means of an automatic pump. The pump is attached to the Hailsuit® and inflates the cover within a few minutes. The Hailsuit® hail-resistant car cover fits over 99% of all vehicles around the world. In short, the Hailsuit® is the best hail protector  for your car.

What is the Purpose of the Hailsuit®?

The hail-resistant car cover aims to prevent car damage during extreme weather conditions. You should think of severe hail storms. Also known as a hail blanket, the hail-resistant car cover is made especially for such situations. In the future, hailstorms will be getting much more severe because of climate change. Even hailstones the size of golf balls rain down. You as a car owner are not happy with this. In addition, the weather forecasts remain unreliable and an unexpected hail shower can be just around the corner. Also, the fear that your vehicle may transform into a car with dents is therefore real. We have the solution for you right here.

The Hailsuit® hail-resistant car cover  aims to protect every car against real EMERGENCY weather and a Hailsuit® should be in in the trunk of every car owner in case of EMERGENCY. #  hail protector #protective blanket against hail #hail-resistant car cover

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